Suck In!

Quickly approaching is the Kansas State Wabash CannonBall, a black tie gala event that raises scholarship money for high school seniors in the Kansas City Area. As a recent college graduate, my closet is lacking in anything that isn’t 100% cotton, stamped with sorority letters or only appropriate for Halloween in a college town. Does black tie mean I have to trade in my leggings for jeans? Okay fine… What about dark jeans?

Now picture calendar pages whipping away in the wind as I am scrambling to find something to wear… Because I don’t think Racecar Driver or Sailor fall into the black tie category.

Last night Boyfriend kindly agreed to go to the mall with me. Again. As if the first time wasn’t bad enough for him. With Prom 2011 just around the corner, the formal dresses are more outlandish (read: scandalous and ridiculous) than ever. (Kids these days!) As I wandered through a maze of tulle, glitter, satin and sequins I noticed one I liked and pointed out that it was a “cute, little number.” Cue Boyfriend for the remainder of the evening commenting that each dress I picked up was a “cute, little number.” I think he was making fun of me.

I tried on a few dresses and chose a one-shoulder, black taffeta “little number.” The only problem? It is a size bigger than I would like and still a little snug. After some zipper tugging, light thinking and belly flattening I made the entirely rational claim that “I am not eating for the next two weeks!”

Stay tuned to see how I may actually accomplish this one. I can tell you this much… I am going to need some new stuff to do it.


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