Pretty as a Peony

After the knee jerk decision to choose a soft and sweet pink for my latest bargain buster I couldn’t be more thrilled. Usually decisions this simple throw me into a whirlwind of anxiety and self-doubt. For example, McDonald’s Drive-Thru Crisis: February 27, 2010. Caramel Sundae or Shamrock Shake? I chose the Shamrock Shake and was left clutching my tummy with regret. See what wrong decisions do to you?! Wrong decisions punish you. They are gut-wrenching reminders that hindsight is 20/20 and your foresight needs Coke-bottle lenses. Bifocals, too. Oh… and did I mention your foresight just fogged like you opened the dishwasher during the hot rinse?

This lack of regret and absence of “what ifs” is wonderfully refreshing. I didn’t even lose a wink of sleep over my “Ballet Slipper” decision.

I imagined the school desk as a super girlie piece and playing school with my sisters was just the beginning of its petal pink persona. With February thawing into March, I am starting to crave peonies… a thirst just barely quenched by this month’s issue of Midwest Living:

I’d be lying if I told you this House Beautiful didn’t have something to do with my inspiration, as well:

(Though between you and me, I am doubting that all men love pink. Also, how awesome is that yellow and white stripped chair?)

As March roars in like a lion, thawing away my winter blues, I am sure I won’t be able to pinpoint any one inspiration for these pretty pinks the same way you’ll never know why “Candy” by Mandy Moore is on repeat in your mental boombox on a random Wednesday afternoon. The thing that has me baffled was that uncharacteristic snap decision under the fluorescent lights of the Home Depot paint displays. But I guess I just knew.

When you know, you know. You know?

(Also… Paint is temporary. An aversion to Shamrock Shakes is not.)

(…until next year.)


3 Responses to “Pretty as a Peony”

  1. Loved your post. My decision problem is with purses. I almost always have to have my sister weigh in about my purse purchasing decisions. What’s up with that? I’m almost 55 and still don’t have this figured out! Ha! Keep the posts coming! Will you be selling some of your creations soon online? Hope so. Lauren’s mama.

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you are tuning in for my desperate escape from the work-a-day world. I will start selling pieces once they are finished and have even looked in to Vintage Market South. Have you been there? I am sure you would be smitten!


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