102: Picking Rules (Continued)

I don’t want to be misleading… There are more rules. That first one was just so exhausting to relive that I had to press post as soon as it was done. I never want to think about that experience again. It was all wrong.

Picking Rule #2: Only Take Whats Trash

Okay. This sounds obvious, but you will be surprised at what people use to decorate their yards and the end of their driveways. In fact, while winding through teeny tiny towns on our last trip to Manhattan, Boyfriend and I had to really analyze a few situations when determining a pick.

For example:

    This is an acceptable pick:

Big Trash Pick? Yes!

    This is not:

Big Trash Pick? No!

So this one is pretty obvious. Whatever.

But I really wanted that Plastic Yard Deer. I can’t explain why. I just wanted it, okay!? Boyfriend looked at me like I was kidding. I wasn’t. Once he realized this he made sure to lock the car doors.

Some picking situations are a bit harder to decipher thanks to the materials included in the pile.

    Pick through me, please:

Upsidedown Toilet? All yours!

Please take note of the upside-down toilet to the right. Any takers?

    “Art”…Please do not pick:

Not for picking or sitting. Ouch!


I wish I could say these were actual pictures from our trip, but they are Google Images that symbolize things we saw. I’m still thinking about that deer…


2 Comments to “102: Picking Rules (Continued)”

  1. Oh you would have loved the plastic deer’s head with sparkling red eyes which we found in our garden after we bought our house. Imagine a shallow swale under a huge pine tree, grown over with ivy, and two red eyes staring at you. The deer’s head sat on top of a tombstone which turned out to belong to the former house-owner’s mom. No, she hadn’t been buried in our garden, but here in Germany, graves “expire” after 25 years…
    To make a long comment short: I absolutely understand your fascination with the plastic deer :D. And now I’ll have to make my hubby read your blog because he didn’t get why I was laughing my a** off.

    • This cracks me up! When I read Boyfriend your comment he was all, “Luckily she is in Germany otherwise you’d be knocking on her door for that deer head!”

      Which is true. He knows me too well.

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