This Post Brought to You By Charlie Sheen. What?

You might be wondering why you have seen two projects (here and here) started but not finished. You see, I can explain. I started the desk and I started the puppy portrait, blogged about it and thought, “Wow! I am so awesome. I am so awesome at keeping up a blog and working on projects that I think I deserve a break.”

For lack of a more trendy explanation: Fail.

For some reason I am wired to think that functioning as a normal human being deserves a reward. Ate an apple? Now you can eat THREE Milky Ways! Took the dog on a walk? Now I can watch and entire season of Dexter in one sitting! …Because being active for twenty minutes obviously means you can lounge lethargically for eight to twelve hours the next day. Pardon the next trendy phrase that really sums this up: Winning. Duh! (Which clearly means losing.)

Self congratulations can really get you into trouble. Well, not BIG trouble. But enough trouble that I come up short on a lot of projects. My parents wised up to this eventually and quit funding projects until they were completed. They would reimburse me the entire amount of whatever sewing project I dreamed up or project I’d been puttering with. I can think of one time this actually happened.

Besides being over congratulatory, I have also been diagnosed with ADD. I was diagnosed at the ripe old age of 17 instead of having to get a Ritalin fix from the nurse in third grade like most kids.

I like shiny things.

Want another poster? I whipped up this one to keep myself on apples and not Milky Ways. Plus it is a little more work appropriate in case you feel like hanging it in your cubicle. When people ask where you got it just make sure to send them this way, but make sure they check out One Pretty Thing, too. She made this stuff popular. I just made it awesome.

Download the PDF here!

Apple A Day


6 Comments to “This Post Brought to You By Charlie Sheen. What?”

  1. Oh. At first I thought: “How cute, apples with thongs!” O_o

  2. Haha! That is EXACTLY what Boyfriend thought!!! I guess this is truly a guide to getting a cute little “apple bottom!”

  3. Apples with thongs- hilarious! I love this one- especially since an apple a day is one of my many fruit and vegetable related goals. =) YUM! Thanks so much for this, I’ll be linking. And extra thanks for the thoughtful shout-out!

  4. Love you Bluesie Lou!!!

  5. you are just what i was looking for in bloggy-land
    if you hop over to my blog…
    you’ll find some really ancient posts
    i have the attention span of a fruit fl

  6. Hey, remember when you had a blog?

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