The Comparison Trap (Realize Now: You Will Never Compare)

I would love to tell you that since the engagement I have started perusing wedding blogs, spending hours on Pinterest and devouring bridal mags. Unfortunately that just isn’t the case…

I was doing that LONG before Boyfriend popped the question.

Oh! That stack of wedding magazines in the corner? Am I engaged? No. Uhh… I need those to stay up to date on event trends! Jeez!

I never felt any pressure from the magazines as me and my bare left hand flipped through DIY dresses and decorations. In fact, I felt like I could do “all the things!” at my someday wedding. I mean, how difficult could it really be to macrame each guest their own personalized doily?

You guys. Something has changed.

I logged online (is that even a phrase any more without the “neer-neer neer-neer pshhhhhhhhh You’ve Got Mail!” internets?) and perused my Pinterest post promising.  I wasn’t seeing delicate lacy details and quirky favors anymore. What happened to the romantic wood signs pointing towards “True Love” and the restrooms? All I saw were burnt glue gun finger tips, dollar signs and craft fails. How would I ever live up to these nuptials? How would I ever live up to  the wedding I have already created (and practically announced to the world) on pin boards and secret email folders?

Here is the thing. I won’t and I’ll tell you one reason why;

That Wedding with DIY Personalized, Hand Written, Embossed and Glittered Invitations, Programs and Menus? Guest List: 37 + 1 Dog

I’m not sure you would believe me unless I had the link to prove it. One of my favorite wedding blogs actually suggested that I snip out the silhouettes of each guest out of (GET THIS…) LEAVES.

Oh sure! In addition to your RSVP, please schedule a time that you can stop by so I can trace your head. Yup, even all you out-of-towners! XO!

The point I am trying to make here is that it is easy to go above and beyond on the details when you are only trying to impress a small crowd. As appealing as a small, intimate wedding is, its just not in the cards for Boyfriend and me, so there is the added challenge of deciding what details will make the biggest impact, and what details need to be raked.


One Comment to “The Comparison Trap (Realize Now: You Will Never Compare)”

  1. Aaaand that is why I unsubscribed to all wedding blogs while I was wedding planning. Your wedding will be perfect because it is YOURS!

    PS. Your header won’t load for me…

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