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March 11, 2011

25 Before 25 (Wherein Boyfriend Displays My Favorite Trait Of His)

I am a total blog nerd. As if this wasn’t apparent by actually having a blog, many conversations of mine include, “Oh, I read about that in this blog I read” or “So, this blog I read says…”

Sometimes my sisters, mom and I refer to bloggers like they are our friends: “Oh did you see the color the Bloggerson’s painted their walls?” or “This is the same nail polish Bloggy used and that is why I picked it.” Sure, it may be a little strange. I promise you, though, it won’t develop into any strange stalking of aforementioned bloggers or going through their trash. None of them live around here, anyways.

Reading blogs is a great way to gain perspective, garner new ideas and even play a little Nosy Neighbor. Other people are interesting. Blogs are like glossies, but instead of dripping-with-diamonds dishing on celebrities you can peer through the windows of your everyday normal person.

Note: Normal isn’t normal.

I recently came across a blog where the writer is trying to accomplish 30 things before 30. I was inspired! Even though thirty isn’t too far from 23 (Dear God!), I decided that I wanted to accomplish 25 things before 25. And then I got to thinking I could do something artsy with it… Like make a big poster to mark off each item. Then frame the poster and do a photo collage of pictures around it and hang it in my own (nonexistent) home someday. Or maybe I could turn it into a coffee table book… Or maybe…

Sigh! (Found this on a Pottery Barn Search on Google Images, but linked to House Full of Pretty… which I fell in love with after a few minutes of browsing!)

Maybe I could rope Boyfriend into doing it with me!

Boyfriend is delightfully easy-going, which you need to be when you date someone as not easy-going as me. I claim to be breezy, but Boyfriend knows that when we decide to go to dinner, I already know what I want and the choices I offer are just for show.

 So, I asked Boyfriend, “Lets do 25 cool things before we turn 25!”

(Notice the asking part? Me neither too.)

And Boyfriend said, “Sure.”

(See what I mean? He is really the breezy one here…)

And that is how Boyfriend and I began our task to complete 25 things before 25.

  1. Take the train somewhere
  2. See a baseball game at another MLB stadium other than Kauffman *
  3. Karaoke *
  4. Go camping *
  5. Go on a bike ride to Dairy Queen *
  6. Go to the Omaha Zoo
  7. Go to a National Park *
  8. Plan a float trip with our friends
  9. Go to a museum *
  10. Take a hike *
  11. Go boating *
  12. Do something scary
  13. Make a t-shirt quilt
  14. Volunteer *
  15. Go to a music festival
  16. Try another region/city/state’s “Claim to Fame” food
  17. See a waterfall *
  18. Have a party *
  19. Try 15 new restaurants
  20. Make Chicken Spiedini as good as Garozzo’s
  21. Go to the American Royal BBQ *
  22. See a game at Livestrong Stadium
  23. Attempt a food challenge
  24. Tour a brewery… Or two!

Taking suggestions for #25! What do you think?

(Boyfriend already nixed staying in a haunted hotel. Boo!)

Update: * Denotes things I have done, but would like to do again with Boyfriend. We won’t be repeating the exact things or going to the same places either of us has been before… Sorry Citizen’s Bank Ballpark!