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July 20, 2012


Again with the leaves!


July 11, 2012

Something Borrowed, Something Bluesie Lou

Big news! Boyfriend and I are engaged. Boyfriend is now Fiance in real life, but will always be Boyfriend here on the blog.

(We like to keep it all “Teenage Dream” where we can.)

It has only been about a week into the engagement and I am already knee deep in bridal magazines, unread wedding blogs and unsolicited advice from anyone who catches a glimpse of my brand new, beautiful sparkler. (Seriously. It looks like it is made entirely of diamonds!) Admittedly, I am already someone whose mind is always going a hundred different directions. I mean, once I started a blog that I let fall by the wayside, I am averaging a new job every 4.5 months (though I am totally digging the one I have now, so I am excited to watch that number grow) and I accidentally maybe got a cat. Can someone round up the sheep, because with my mind racing I haven’t been able to sleep since Boyfriend liked it and put a ring on it.

With a mind like mine, I have never been able to quite nail down my aesthetic when it comes clothing, decorating, etc. Hell! even my handwriting is a jumbled mess of capital and lowercase letters because I can’t decide which I like better. So before when I was debating “Big A” vs “little a”, I now lie awake night debating fondant and frosting.

So if you are ready for the chaos, hop on (or back on) Bluesie Lou now. If not, just show up for the party…

…That is if I ever decide May vs. October.

March 15, 2011

How to Make a Mutt Majestic

If you were to flip through the pictures on my cell phone a few months ago, you would automatically assume I am a cat lady. I am sure any stranger would assume I have a plastic wrapped floral couch and thick avocado carpet that smells like beef stroganoff and powdery fake rose scent. They would also think that I have long drawn out conversations with my cat and that I mumble to myself in grocery store aisles.

(Only one of those things is true and I am not telling which one.)

When Jesse moved in, that all changed. Sort of. Well, really the animal photos just doubled. It just so happens that whenever Jesse or Noodle (my sweet old lady cat) is doing anything cute or funny, the only thing I have to document it is my phone. (Don’t mind that I think they are cute just standing around therefore have a lot of pictures of that…)

I was told Jesse likes baths, but this suggests otherwise.

When I snapped the picture below of Jesse the other day, I was inspired by some of my favorite bloggers to make a little token of gratitude for Jesse’s dad. Crayons just weren’t cutting it. I wanted to do something cool, artsy and something that would be considered acceptable man decor.

Lately I’ve been totally digging the resurgence of silhouettes. A snazzy side shot, silhouettes are always a classy addition to any decor. Luckily, the picture below served as just the right profile that would be an easy enough transformation from grainy cell phone snap shot, to luxe and classy art.

Luxe and classy are loose terms… Jesse still eats poop sometimes.

Anyone can recreate similar art according to the Young House Love tutorial or my following these simple steps:

1. Snap a picture of your subject against a bright background. I made sure Jesse was looking alert and had his ears perked just so by saying, “Squirrels!” If you are doing this with a human, I’m not sure you would get the same response.

2. Open the picture in Adobe Photoshop, adjust the contrast so that the subject stands out against the background.

3. Fill in light spots with dark paint and dark spots with white paint to help distinguish the profile.

4. Using the Magnetic Lasso tool, trace the subject.

5. Fill in the selection with black (or any color you want) and copy the selection.

6. Open a new canvas and paste the image into the blank canvas. Touch up rough lines and create a clean line along the neck.

7. Ta Da!


Stay tuned to see how it all comes together!

February 23, 2011

Suck In!

Quickly approaching is the Kansas State Wabash CannonBall, a black tie gala event that raises scholarship money for high school seniors in the Kansas City Area. As a recent college graduate, my closet is lacking in anything that isn’t 100% cotton, stamped with sorority letters or only appropriate for Halloween in a college town. Does black tie mean I have to trade in my leggings for jeans? Okay fine… What about dark jeans?

Now picture calendar pages whipping away in the wind as I am scrambling to find something to wear… Because I don’t think Racecar Driver or Sailor fall into the black tie category.

Last night Boyfriend kindly agreed to go to the mall with me. Again. As if the first time wasn’t bad enough for him. With Prom 2011 just around the corner, the formal dresses are more outlandish (read: scandalous and ridiculous) than ever. (Kids these days!) As I wandered through a maze of tulle, glitter, satin and sequins I noticed one I liked and pointed out that it was a “cute, little number.” Cue Boyfriend for the remainder of the evening commenting that each dress I picked up was a “cute, little number.” I think he was making fun of me.

I tried on a few dresses and chose a one-shoulder, black taffeta “little number.” The only problem? It is a size bigger than I would like and still a little snug. After some zipper tugging, light thinking and belly flattening I made the entirely rational claim that “I am not eating for the next two weeks!”

Stay tuned to see how I may actually accomplish this one. I can tell you this much… I am going to need some new stuff to do it.