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July 11, 2012

Something Borrowed, Something Bluesie Lou

Big news! Boyfriend and I are engaged. Boyfriend is now Fiance in real life, but will always be Boyfriend here on the blog.

(We like to keep it all “Teenage Dream” where we can.)

It has only been about a week into the engagement and I am already knee deep in bridal magazines, unread wedding blogs and unsolicited advice from anyone who catches a glimpse of my brand new, beautiful sparkler. (Seriously. It looks like it is made entirely of diamonds!) Admittedly, I am already someone whose mind is always going a hundred different directions. I mean, once I started a blog that I let fall by the wayside, I am averaging a new job every 4.5 months (though I am totally digging the one I have now, so I am excited to watch that number grow) and I accidentally maybe got a cat. Can someone round up the sheep, because with my mind racing I haven’t been able to sleep since Boyfriend liked it and put a ring on it.

With a mind like mine, I have never been able to quite nail down my aesthetic when it comes clothing, decorating, etc. Hell! even my handwriting is a jumbled mess of capital and lowercase letters because I can’t decide which I like better. So before when I was debating “Big A” vs “little a”, I now lie awake night debating fondant and frosting.

So if you are ready for the chaos, hop on (or back on) Bluesie Lou now. If not, just show up for the party…

…That is if I ever decide May vs. October.